The Angelus

The Angel of the Lord declared to Mary:
And she conceived of the Holy Spirit.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of
our death. Amen.

Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy word.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of
our death. Amen.

And the Word was made Flesh: And dwelt among us.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of
our death. Amen.

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:
Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts; that we, to whom the incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His Resurrection, through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

About the Angelus prayer (from
The Angelus is traditionally offered at 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. every day. It is one of the simplest yet most profound prayers in the Church: daily recalling to our minds that universe-shaking moment when the omnipotent, eternal God, through the consent of a teenage girl, willed himself to become a human embryo. It is so immense and absolute an idea that the very words almost resist being typed.
By praying the Angelus, boldly repeating the same words that set our salvation in motion even as we had just been eating or playing golf or watching TV, we reflect and re-present the Incarnation’s radical parameters. A little over 2,000 years ago in ancient Judea, the world was just going about its business when suddenly the King of the world burst into it and nothing was ever the same. Yet the world continued on its course, watching and waiting for the revelation of the gospel (in Christ’s ministry, now past) and the glory of the kingdom (in his Second Coming, still future). In the Angelus we interrupt our business to recognize the importance of that moment, then we, too, go back to the mundane labors and pleasures that make up regular life, watching and waiting for Christ to complete his work in us.

This prayer originated in the 12th century, but its present form was evolved in the 16th century. More information about it here at


The Five Prayers of Fatima

The Fatima Prayer/Decade Prayer

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell,
lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy
mercy. Amen.

Mary told the children that people should add this prayer to the end of each decade of the Rosary.

The Sacrifice Prayer

O Jesus, it is for the love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for the conversion of poor sinners [that I do this].

Mary gave the children this prayer, as well as the Fatima Prayer/Decade Prayer, on June 13th, 1917.
The prayer is meant to be recited when you are offering up suffering to God.

The Pardon Prayer

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee! I beg pardon for all those that do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee.

This prayer was given to the children by the angel that visited them in 1916, the year before Mary appeared to them.

The Angel’s Prayer

O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and divinity of Jesus Christ present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

This is another prayer given to the children by the angel. There was a Eucharistic host and chalice suspended in the air, and the angel led them in kneeling before it and praying this prayer.

The Eucharistic Prayer

Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

When Mary appeared to the children for the first time on May 13, 1917, she said, “You will have much to suffer, but the grace of God will be your comfort.” According to Lucia, a bright light shone all around them, and without thinking about it, they all started reciting this prayer.

Prayers from the Church Bulletin of Our Lady of Fatima Parish


The Miracle Prayer

Lord, Jesus, I come before You, just as I am.
I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me.

In Your name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me.
I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works.

I give You my entire self, Lord Jesus, now and forever,
I invite You into my life Jesus. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour.

Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul and spirit.
Come Lord Jesus, cover me with Your Precious Blood,
and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

I love You Jesus. I praise You Jesus. I thank You Jesus.
I shall follow You every day of my life.

Mary My Mother, Queen of Peace, all the Angels and Saints, please help me. Amen.


Novena to the Holy Spirit

Addressed to the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, it is a powerful plea for the light and strength and love so sorely needed by every Christian. It is still the only novena officially prescribed by the Church.

Click here to see the prayers for all nine days.

The Holy Spirit
Only one thing is important — eternal salvation. Only one thing, therefore, is to be feared–sin? Sin is the result of ignorance, weakness, and indifference The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Light, of Strength, and of Love. With His sevenfold gifts He enlightens the mind, strengthens the will, and inflames the heart with love of God. To ensure our salvation we ought to invoke the Divine Spirit daily, for “The Spirit helpeth our infirmity. We know not what we should pray for as we ought. But the Spirit Himself asketh for us.”

Today is Day 1–
Holy Spirit! Lord of Light! From Your clear celestial height, Your pure beaming radiance give!

Almighty and eternal God, Who hast vouchsafed to regenerate us by water and the Holy Spirit, and hast given us forgiveness all sins, vouchsafe to send forth from heaven upon us your sevenfold Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and fortitude, the Spirit of Knowledge and Piety, and fill us with the Spirit of Holy Fear. Amen.

Our Father and Hail Mary ONCE. Glory be to the Father SEVEN TIMES. Act of Consecration, Prayer for the Seven Gifts

To be recited daily during the Novena
On my knees I before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses I offer myself, soul and body to You, Eternal Spirit of God. I adore the brightness of Your purity, the unerring keenness of Your justice, and the might of Your love. You are the Strength and Light of my soul. In You I live and move and am. I desire never to grieve You by unfaithfulness to grace and I pray with all my heart to be kept from the smallest sin against You. Mercifully guard my every thought and grant that I may always watch for Your light, and listen to Your voice, and follow Your gracious inspirations. I cling to You and give myself to You and ask You, by Your compassion to watch over me in my weakness. Holding the pierced Feet of Jesus and looking at His Five Wounds, and trusting in His Precious Blood and adoring His opened Side and stricken Heart, I implore You, Adorable Spirit, Helper of my infirmity, to keep me in Your grace that I may never sin against You. Give me grace O Holy Spirit, Spirit of the Father and the Son to say to You always and everywhere, “Speak Lord for Your servant heareth.” Amen.

To be recited daily during the Novena
O Lord Jesus Christ Who, before ascending into heaven did promise to send the Holy Spirit to finish Your work in the souls of Your Apostles and Disciples, deign to grant the same Holy Spirit to me that He may perfect in my soul, the work of Your grace and Your love. Grant me the Spirit of Wisdom that I may despise the perishable things of this world and aspire only after the things that are eternal, the Spirit of Understanding to enlighten my mind with the light of Your divine truth, the Spirit on Counsel that I may ever choose the surest way of pleasing God and gaining heaven, the Spirit of Fortitude that I may bear my cross with You and that I may overcome with courage all the obstacles that oppose my salvation, the Spirit of Knowledge that I may know God and know myself and grow perfect in the science of the Saints, the Spirit of Piety that I may find the service of God sweet and amiable, and the Spirit of Fear that I may be filled with a loving reverence towards God and may dread in any way to displease Him. Mark me, dear Lord with the sign of Your true disciples, and animate me in all things with Your Spirit. Amen.


Gregorian Chant during Lent

During Lent, we may choose to say the Holy Rosary more often and reflect a little more often on the Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

The Good Friday and Easter Sunday Gregorian Chants by Gregorian by the Benedictine Abbey Choir of Munsterschwarzach is a wonderful resource to play in the background while praying or sitting still.

The album is available to listen to on YouTube and Spotify:


Devotion for Advent

Father Hugh Barbour made a suggestion for a devotion to use during the much too short time of Advent in his homily yesterday to kick off the first week of Advent. An article based on his homily is available here on

This devotion can be said as often as you like during Advent, but Father Barbour suggests it be said every day leading up to Christmas.

Advent Four-Part Devotion:

“Today you will know that the Lord will come and he will save us, and in the morning you will see his glory” (cf. Exod.16: 6-7).
Reflect on this promise of hope and of glory for a minute or so. Pray a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

“The Lord said to me: you are my Son. It is I who have begotten you this day” (Psalm 2:7).
Reflect on this mysterious birth of God the Son from all eternity from the Father’s heart; that in him is an eternal, everlasting Christmas between the unbegotten Father and his only-begotten Son. Pray a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

“Today a light will shine upon us, for the Lord is born for us; and he will be called Wondrous God, Prince of peace, Father of future ages: and his reign will be without end” (Isa. 9:1, 5; Luke 1:33).
Reflect a while on the marvelous names for the Holy Child. Pray a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

“A child is born for us, and a son is given to us; his scepter of power rests upon his shoulder, and his name will be called Messenger of great counsel” (Isa. 9:5)
Reflect on how this child is for you and for all the human race, born to rule over us and to teach us. Pray a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

Bonus Round
Gregorian chants to listen to during advent:

Christmas Eve — Hodie scietis
Christmas Midnight — Dominus dixit ad me
Christmas Dawn — Lux fulgebit
Christmas Day Puer natus est nobis

Focusing On Contemplation While Praying The Rosary

The Holy Rosary is a very popular form of prayer for Catholics. Some of us try to say it daily, and others might like to grab their beads on special feast days or while visiting Jesus during Adoration. Getting through all 53 Hail Mary prayers is a key part of saying the Rosary, but far from being the most important. The feeling of just getting through the prayers while your mind is drifting elsewhere might happen sometimes, and that’s okay, but being mindful about your ability to bring back a focus on the words of the prayers and the Mysteries will make the power of the Rosary much stronger.

Without contemplation, the Rosary is a body without a soul.

St. Pope Paul VI

Fr. Mark-Mary describes how the importance of saying the Rosary is on the focus of relationship and not simply on recitation. Saying it should never be a burden, and sometimes forcing yourself to say it everyday can do just that. Taking a step back sometimes to fall in love with the Mysteries of the Rosary can help by picking up your Bible and reading about them in short sessions. So for example, we can slowly work up to saying the five decades of the Rosary daily by beginning with reading about the Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38) on one day, and then moving through the rest of the mysteries each following day. Pray one decade after reading the passages or even just three Hail Marys.

Fr. Mark-Mary discusses how to really pray the Rosary and go deeper than the external mechanics.

Vanessa (known as thatonecatholicgirl) talks about Matthew 6:7 which speaks against vain repetition, depending on your version of the Bible, it looks something like this: “In praying, do not babble like the pagans, who think that they will be heard because of their many words.” It is not for us to figure out when someone is at fault for participating in vain repetition, but if we say the Rosary with good intentions then we know for sure that God must be pleased.

Vanessa shows why the Rosary, when it is properly prayed, is not a form of vain repetition as many people claim.

We can conclude that praying the Rosary with the idea of quality over quantity is beneficial for it’s effectiveness and for building a better relationship with Mary and Jesus. We can slowly work up to focusing on the Mysteries while we pray and look forward to getting lost in each decade.

Click here to learn more about the Rosary and to see where to find each mystery in the Bible


Rosary Crew with Keith Nester

Keith Nester, a former Methodist pastor, converted to Catholicism about two years ago. He lives and promotes his Catholic faith by creating YouTube videos that cover different topics. On his YouTube channel, he also leads a “Rosary Crew” daily at 5pm central time since March 18th, 2020. The growing community that comes together daily to pray is truly special and Keith’s thoughtful reflections for each mystery is wonderful.

See his channel here:

UPDATE: Live videos of the Rosary at 5pm Central (6pm Eastern) are posted here instead of Keith Nester’s primary YouTube channel. There is also a 24/7 live prayer room with Rosary videos being played on a loop.

Keith Nester
Click here to go to the Rosary Crew Channel

Consecration Prayer – Consecration for Rosary Crew

We, the members of the Rosary Crew, do today present this online community to our Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, we place ourselves individually and also corporately under your protection, guidance and purity. Receive these prayers and present them to your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus as you presented to him your humble request at the wedding feast in Cana. Guide us in doing what ever he tells us.

May all the merits garnered by our collective prayers be at your complete disposal. We offer our time, our hearts, and our intentions to you, knowing that your will for this Rosary Crew is far greater than anything we could imagine. Our desire is to be an instrument of holiness and devotion to this world, drawing all people to God. Use us in your spiritual army against the devil. Crush his head through our prayers. Bring to us all whom you desire to join the Crew. May our love for you and for Jesus console him and bring him glory. May our love for the Holy Spirit, your spouse, be pleasing to Him, and may our obedience to the will of our Father grow ever stronger through our meditations on the mysteries of the most Holy Rosary to which we have been called to pray daily.

In complete love and humble obedience,
The Rosary Crew.


Rosary Live with the Pope 30/5/2020

Pray the Rosary with the Pope tomorrow, May 30th at 11:30am (EDT/UTC -4) live on the Vatican News YouTube channel, for an end to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The event takes place under the title: “Devoted with one accord to prayer, together with Mary” (Acts 1:14). It is organized by the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.
The Decades of the Rosary will be recited by men and women representing the various categories of people who have been particularly affected by Covid-19.

These include a doctor and a nurse; someone who recovered from the illness and someone who lost a loved-one to it; a priest, a hospital chaplain, and a nun who is a nurse.

Other participants include a pharmacist, a doctor, and a journalist; an Italian Civil Protection volunteer; and, a young family who welcomed a baby into the world during the pandemic.

We are coming to an end of Mary’s month of May. Let us pray that with her help we can support those who are distressed and prevent any future unnecessary suffering.


Praying the Rosary in the Month of May

As we enter this special month of the year in this troubling time, Pope Francis has written a letter encouraging the daily praying of the Rosary to make our spiritual family more united, and to help overcome our difficulties.

For this reason, I want to encourage everyone to rediscover the beauty of praying the Rosary at home in the month of May. This can be done either as a group or individually; you can decide according to your own situations, making the most of both opportunities. The key to doing this is always simplicity, and it is easy also on the internet to find good models of prayers to follow.

Letter of His Holiness Pope Francis
to the Faithful for the Month of May 2020

Pope Francis also suggested that we recite two special prayers at the end of each Rosary during this month, they are in a printable PDF format here:

See our page on the Rosary to view the mysteries accompanied with short passages from the Bible: The Mysteries of the Rosary