Is Catholicism Pagan?

As a Catholic, how do we defend our faith when someone tells us that Catholicism is not based on true history and has copied pagan traditions?

Trent Horn tells us that we should first ask the person what is their source for the accusation. These statements can often be old recycled arguments from non-reliable sources. Asking for the source will get the other person thinking, and it can also give you the opportunity to show proof and evidence supporting Catholic beliefs.

Ask the person what is your primary source to show you these ancient religions predated christianity and believed in these very specific things related to christianity.

Nine times out of ten they can’t give you a citation. They’re just taking it on faith, reading from this anti-catholic or anti-christian author they’re quoting.

Trent Horn

It’s not really helpful to tell the other person that they are wrong when they bring up claims against Catholicism, and it is better to ask the question of how they came to believe that or why do they think that is true. Asking for evidence can plant a seed of doubt which can be more effective than just telling them they’re wrong.

Keith Nester and Trent Horn discuss how to answer people who claim that Catholicism is fake and based on old pagan stories.