Lord, You Have Accomplished All That We Have Done

There is a misunderstanding that is common even among believers, that God is one competitive cause among others.

Bishop Barron explains in a new video how God is that creative ground in and through which all finite things exist and operate. “Lord in you we live and move and have our being. Your causality is not competitive and interruptive, but rather it is cooperative and enabling.”

What helped to improve the situation in New York? The actions of nurses, doctors, first responders, hospital technologies, staying home, and social distancing. But can’t we say after saying this; “thank God!”. We aren’t dividing out what God does and what we do, we don’t have to play the zero-sum game. Rather we can and should say in regard to this and anything else, oh Lord it is you who have accomplished all that we have done.

Bishop Barron on Governor Cuomo and the Nature of God