We Have Every Reason to Believe in the Resurrection

We have every reason to believe.. from the empty tomb, to the eye witness testimony, to the conversions.

Why do we believe Jesus rose from the dead? Saint Paul even said that our faith is useless if Christ has not risen.

  • Empty Tomb. Believers and non-believers alike agreed the tomb where Jesus was laid somehow became empty. In the Gospel of Matthew, there are arguments about who stole the body.
  • Eye witness testimony. Witnesses include Mary Magdalene, Peter, the Apostles in the upper room, and to the disciples at the seashore. Saint Paul tells us that Jesus appeared to 500 people at once, who were still alive when he wrote the letter. Could all these people have made this up or imagined it?
  • Conversion. The apostles were afraid and locked themselves up when Jesus was crucified. But their faith was greatly strengthened after Jesus appeared to them and ascended to heaven. They became fearless to promote Christianity and they all died (exception Saint John) as martyrs.
  • The witnesses of the women. Mary Magdalene was documented as the first witness to the resurrection of Jesus. In Christ’s time, a woman could never give testimony in court. If the story was made up, why would the apostles ‘choose’ Mary Magdalene to be the first witness.
Father Daniel O’Reilly explains the evidence that gives us reason to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.