Saint Leopold Mandic

Feast Day: May 12th

st leopold mandic
20th Century


St Leopold Mandic was born in Herzegnovo near Boka Kotorska on May 12, 1866. He was named Bogdan at the baptism, and he was the youngest of 12 children. The father came from an old Bosnian noble Catholic family, but he retained only the nobility of the spirit, otherwise, he was poor. Mother was deeply pious, for which. Leopold was always very grateful.

Bogdan was very intelligent, good, and religious. He knew only for his home, the church, and school. He did not participate in games or parties. When he applied for a seminary at the age of 16, he was sent to Videm by the Capuchins. At 18, he was already in the novice in Bassano del Grappa. By the age of 24, he was a consecrated priest in Venice.

From 1897 to 1900, he worked in Zadar, Croatia, from 1905 to 06 he was a vicar in Koper, 2 years confessor in Thienah. And from 1909 to 1942 he was a confessor in Padua. He was also, 10 months in between in southern Italy, and 1 month in the year 1923 in Rijeka. These are the most important dates of his rich life.

The leaders quickly recognized him, and he also knew very well that he was the best fit for the confession room. Because he had a speaking error, he could not speak clearly; because he had no real performance attitude, he was only 1.35 m tall, and he could not act as a speaker.

But he accepted with love, and with all his love for 33 years performed the service of a confessor. In the service of the most needed sinners, he was first in various places, from 1909 in Padua for 33 years.

He performed this service with great love because of his culture, humility, and holiness of life. There were not just simple people, but especially intellectuals and aristocrats: professors and students, diocesan and clergy… He confessed daily for 10 to 12 hours.

All were welcomed, especially priests. The priests returned this love to him, his golden Mass was attended over 500 priests (September 22, 1940); And at the funeral, they wanted to carry his casket.


Cancer Sufferers - Confession




12 May 1866
Herceg Novi, Austria-Hungary (Montenegro)


30 July 1942
Padua, Italy


16 October 1983 (Pope John Paul II)


Padua, Italy


St. Leopold Mandic (birth name Bogdan) was a priest who's main vocation was confessions. He often spent time with the sick and helping out with orphanages. St. Leopold suffered from esophagus cancer and other disabilities. Before his death, he predicted that his church and friary would be hit by a WWII bomb and that his confessional cell would remain intact, and this turned out to be true.